February 23 Peace Love Activism

February 23 Peace Love Activism

US Labor History

February 23 Peace Love Activism

February 23, 1875:  the National Marine Engineers Association (now the Marine Engineers’ Beneficial Association), representing deck and engine officers on U.S. flag vessels, formed at a convention in Cleveland, Ohio. (see Nov 24)

Immigration History

San Francisco Examiner

February 23 Peace Love Activism

February 23, 1904: William Randolph Hearst’s San Francisco Examiner began publishing articles on the menace of Japanese laborers, leading to a resolution in the California legislature that action be taken against their immigration  (see February 20, 1907)
Obama appeal
February 23, 2015: the Department of Justice officially filed an appeal and a request for a stay of a judge's recent decision to block President Barack Obama's executive actions on immigration.

The appeal would overturn U.S. District Court Judge Andrew Hanen's order the previous week to halt Obama's policies from moving forward. A request for a stay was filed separately and would, if granted, allow Obama's actions to be implemented even while a case brought by 26 states against the federal government works its way through the courts. (see May 26)


Mutual Film Corporation v. Industrial Commission of Ohio
February 23, 1915: the state government of Ohio had passed a statute in 1913 forming a board of censors which had the duty of reviewing and approving all films intended to be exhibited in the state. The board charged a fee for the approval service. The board could order the arrest of anyone showing an unapproved film in the state. In Mutual Film Corporation v. Industrial Commission of Ohio, on this date, the Supreme Court ruled 9-0 vote that the free speech protection of the Ohio Constitution — which was substantially similar to the First Amendment of the United States Constitution — did not extend to motion pictures. (FS, see March 3, 1919; motion pictures, see May 26, 1952)
Nationalist Socialist Party

February 23 Peace Love Activism

February 23, 1978: Judge Bernard Decker of the United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois issued an order ruling that the three ordinances adopted by the Skokie Village Board aimed at preventing Frank Collin and his Nationalist Socialist party sympathizers from marching in Skokie were unconstitutional as violative of the 1st Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. (see Mar 17)

February 23 Music et al

News Music

February 23 Peace Love Activism

February 23, 1940: Woody Guthrie wrote the lyrics to 'This Land Is Your Land' in his room at the Hanover House Hotel in New York City. He would not record the song until 1944. It was a musical response to Irving Berlin’s “God Bless America”: “We can’t just bless America, we’ve got to change it.” (NM, see “in 1941”; This Land, see “in 1944)
Fear of Rock
February 23, 1955:  “A Warning to the Music Business,” Variety magazine: “Music ‘leer-ics’ are touching new lows and . . . policing, if you will, [has] to come from more responsible sources. Meaning the . . . record manufacturers and their network daddies. . . . It won’t wash for them to . . . justify their ‘leer-ic’ garbage by declaring ‘that’s what kids want’ or ‘that’s the only thing that sells today.” (Rock, see Mar 19; FoR, see Aug 21)
Oliver Nelson
February 23, 1961: “Blues and the Abstract Truth” released by Oliver Nelson. Recorded at Van Gelder Studio, Englewood Cliffs, NJ.

The Beatles

February 23 Peace Love Activism

February 23, 1964: their 3rd appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show, but not live. The Beatles had taped previously their third show. Songs performed for the show were: Twist and Shout, Please, Please Me, and I Want to Hold Your Hand. (see March 21)

Cold War/Vietnam


February 23 Peace Love Activism

February 23, 1955:  at the first council meeting of the Southeast Asia Treaty Organization, Secretary of State John Foster Dulles declared the United States is committed to defending the region from communist aggression. The meeting, and American participation in SEATO, set the stage for the U.S. to take a more active role in Vietnam. (CW, see May 14; Vietnam, see June 8, 1956)
February 23, 1966:  according to the U.S. military headquarters in Saigon, 90,000 South Vietnamese deserted in 1965. This number was almost 14 percent of total South Vietnamese army strength and was twice the number of those that had deserted in 1964. By contrast, the best estimates showed that fewer than 20,000 Viet Cong had defected during the previous year. (see Mar 5)

Birth Control

February 23, 1961: the National Council of Churches represented the major Protestant religious denominations and, in the 1960s, became increasingly active on social issues, particularly civil rights. The support for birth control announced on this day reflected the strong consensus of opinion among Protestants on this issue. The NCC statement, however, unequivocally condemned abortion as destroying human life. The attitudes of Protestants and the major Protestant denominations on abortion would change dramatically in the next decade. (see August 18, 1962)


February 23, 1991: President George H.W. Bush announced that the allied ground offensive against Iraqi forces had begun. (see Feb 25)


James Byrd

February 23 Peace Love Activism

February 23, 1999: a jury in Jasper, Texas, convicted white supremacist John William King of murder in the dragging death of James Byrd Jr. (see Feb 25)
Dissolution of Yugoslavia
February 23, 2001: a U.N. war crimes tribunal convicted three Bosnian Serbs on charges of rape and torture in the first case of wartime sexual enslavement to go before an international court. (see June 28)


February 23 Peace Love Activism

February 23, 2010: the US Navy officially announced that it would end its ban of women in submarines. (see October 9, 2012)


February 23 Peace Love Activism

February 23, 2011: President Obama stated his administration would no longer defend the Defense of Marriage Act, which banned the recognition of same-sex marriage. (see March 16, 2011)

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