2014 Furthur Returns

2014 Furthur Returns

During the 45th anniversary weekend at Bethel Woods, we had hoped but were still surprised to have visits by two icons of the festival: Artie Kornfeld and the Merry Pranksters' refurbished Further (or Furthur) bus.
The Museum at Bethel Woods Center for the Arts
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2014-08-15 Artie Kornfeld
Mr Kornfeld in center with leg crossed. Wade Lawrence, director of the Museum, in background taking a picture.
2014-08-15 field peace sign
A peace sign has been “mowed” into the original field.
2014-08-15 pan of the Field from above
The field today from above.


2014 Furthur Returns
2014-08-16 Furthur
Further arrives
2014-08-16 Further visits BW (1)
Back of the bus.
2014-08-16 Further visits BW (3)
Another back of the bus
2014-08-16 Further visits BW (4)
The yellow brick road to another kind of Oz
2014-08-16 Further visits BW (5)
So many things to discover in your rear view mirror.
2014-08-16 Further visits BW (6)
One backside.
2014-08-16 Further visits BW (7)
Front of the bus
2014-08-16 Furthur license plate
All the way from Oregon
2014-08-16 inside Furthur
Inside looking out
2014-08-16 Jim & Further
Yours truly
2014-08-16 Zane Kesey & Jim by Furthur
…with Zane Kesey
2014-08-16 Zane Kesey by Furthur
Zane again with a few new Merry Pranksters.

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