November 3 Peace Love Art Activism

November 3 Peace Love Art Activism

November 3 Peace Love Art Activism


Race revolt

November 3, 1883: riots occurred in Danville, Va. White conservatives seized control of the local government, killing four African Americans in the process. [Ency Va article] (BH, see May 4; RR, see November 8, 1898)

Greensboro Massacre

November 3, 1979: five protest marchers were shot and killed by members of the Ku Klux Klan and the American Nazi Party. The protest was the culmination of attempts by the Communist Workers Party to organize mostly black industrial workers in the area.

Five Klansmen were charged with murder. None were convicted. (NYT article) (see Dec 17)

Carol Moseley Braun

November 3 Peace Love Art Activism

November 3, 1992: Carol Moseley Braun, a Democrat from Illinois, became the first African American woman elected to the U.S. Senate. (NYT article) (BH, see Dec 16; Feminism, see Nov 11)

November 3 Peace Love Art Activism

Native Americans

Elk v. Wilkins

November 3, 1884, the question was whether an Indian, born a member of one of the Indian tribes within the US was, merely by reason of their birth within the US, and of their afterward voluntarily separating themselves from the tribe and taking up residence among citizens, a citizen of the US, within the meaning of the first section of the Fourteenth Amendment of the Constitution.

The Court decided that although “Indian tribes, being within the territorial limits of the United States, were not, strictly speaking, foreign states,” “they were alien nations, distinct political communities,” with whom the United States dealt with through treaties and acts of Congress.

Native Americans were not US citizens. (next Citizenship, see June 2, 1924; next NA, see September 4, 1886)

November 3 Peace Love Art Activism



November 3, 1903: with US assistance and plans to build a canal after independence, Panama separated from Colombia. (see September 22, 1908)


November 3, 1978: Dominica independent of United Kingdom. (see February 22, 1979)

November 3 Peace Love Art Activism

US Labor History

Milk driver strike

November 3, 1921: striking milk drivers dump thousands of gallons of milk on New York City streets. (see Dec 15)

Transit worker strike

November 3, 2009: nearly 5,000 transit workers represented by Transport Workers Union Local 234 begin a strike in Philadelphia over wages, pensions, and benefits. The strike shut down the city’s bus, subway, and trolley service and after six days, a five-year contract deal was reached that provided pay and benefit increases.  [NYT article] (see January 22, 2010)

November 3 Peace Love Art Activism

Space Race, Sputnik 2

November 3 Peace Love Activism

November 3, 1957: Sputnik 2 carried Laika, a female dog, into space. Although the satellite will remain in orbit for 162 days, scientists plan to put Laika to sleep after a week because there is no way to return her to Earth safely.

Later reports indicate that Laika died soon after liftoff, from stress and high temperatures inside the capsule. [Smithsonian article] (see Dec 6)

November 3 Peace Love Art Activism


November 3, 1960: an Alabama State Court jury awarded Police Commisioner L.B. Sullivan a libel judgment of $500,000 against The New York Times and four Alabama Negro ministers. [Wiki article] (see February 15, 1961)

November 3 Peace Love Art Activism

November 3 Music et al

November  3 – 16, 1962: “He’s a Rebel” by The Crystals #1 Billboard Hot 100. The first of many Phil Spector produced hits.

November 3 Peace Love Art Activism

Presidential elections

Lyndon B Johnson

November 3 Peace Love Art Activism

November 3, 1964: Lyndon Johnson elected president in a landslide over Barry Goldwater. Johnson wins 486-52 in the electoral vote. Residents of the District of Columbia cast their ballots in a presidential election for the first time. (NYT)

Candidate Popular vote % popular vote Electoral vote % electoral vote
Lyndon Johnson

(Hubert Humphrey)

43,127,041 61.05% 486 90.3%
Barry Goldwater

(William Miller)



38.47% 52 9.7%
Bill Clinton

November 3, 1992: Bill Clinton is elected the 42nd President of the United States. (NYT article)

November 3 Peace Love Art Activism


Candidate Nixon lies

November 3, 1968: after President Johnson had spoken to Senator Everett Dirksen, a trusted friend, about how Nixon had tried to undermine the peace negotiations the day before, Johnson spoke to Nixon directly. Nixon assured him, and LBJ believed Nixon, that he, Nixon, would never do anything to undermine the peace negotiations. (see Nov 5)

Effect corps

November 3, 1969: President Nixon addressed the nation on television and radio, asking the “silent majority” to join him in solidarity with the Vietnam War effort, and to support his policies.

Vice President Spiro T. Agnew denounced the President’s critics as ‘an effete corps of impudent snobs‘ and ‘nattering nabobs of negativism‘. [NYorker article] (see Nov 13)

November 3 Peace Love Art Activism


November 3, 1970: representing Manhattan on a feminist and anti-war platform, Bella Abzug, a lawyer specializing in civil rights, won a Congressional seat. (NYT re Bella Abzug) (see Dec 1)

November 3 Peace Love Art Activism

Symbionese Liberation Army

November 3, 1974: after months without hearing from Patty, Randolph Hearst withdrew his offer of a $50,000 reward for her safe return. (see January 2, 1975)

November 3 Peace Love Art Activism

Iran–Contra Affair

November 3, 1986: the Lebanese magazine Ash-Shiraa reported that the United States had been selling weapons to Iran in secret, in order to secure the release of 7 American hostages held by pro-Iranian groups in Lebanon. (NYT re Iran) (see Nov 19)

November 3 Peace Love Art Activism

Medical Marjuana

November 3, 1998: Alaska, Arizona Oregon, Nevada, and Washington legalized medical marijuana. (NYT article) (see July 1999)

Physician-assisted Suicide

November 3, 1998, Michigan voters reject a proposal to legalize physician-assisted suicide for the terminally ill. (NYT article) (see Kevorkian for expanded story)

Sexual Abuse of Children

November 3, 2002: Boston’s Cardinal Law apologized for “decisions which led to suffering.” (see Nov 7)



November 3, 1998: anti-gay proponents succeeded in amending the Hawaii Constitution so as to prevent the courts from ending the exclusion of same-sex couples; under the Amendment, only the legislature could change that discrimination, notwithstanding the Equal Protection Clause. On the same day, anti-gay forces in Alaska pass Ballot Measure 2, which amended the state constitution to restrict marriage to different-sex couples. (NYT article) (next LGBTQ, see Nov 19; Hawaii, see December 9, 1999)


November 3, 2009: anti-gay forces in Maine pushed through an anti-gay ballot measure to overturn the freedom to marry in the state and restrict marriage to different-sex couples. (NYT article) (see Dec 15)

KedarieJohnson murder

November 3, 2017: a jury in Iowa found Jorge Sanders-Galvez guilty of first-degree murder in the death of KedarieJohnson, a gender-fluid teenager. The sixteen-year-old Johnson was found shot to death last year in Burlington, Iowa

Prosecutors suggested that Sanders-Galvez, 23, and co-defendant Jaron Purham, 26, intended to have sex with Johnson ― as they routinely did with women in the house where they stayed ― but that they became violent after discovering that Johnson was assigned male at birth. A plastic bag was stuffed down Johnson’s throat, and the teenager was found shot and killed in an alley. (LGTBQ, see Nov 14; Johnson, see Nov 27)

November 3 Peace Love Art Activism


November 3, 1998: Democrats pick up five seats in the House of Representatives in the midterm elections, and held off a Republican super-majority in the Senate. (see CI for expanded story)

Immigration History

November 3, 2017: authorities released Rose Marie Hernandez from immigration custody and allowed to return to her family in Lorado, TX 11 days after the Border Patrol stopped the ambulance she was riding in on her way to emergency gallbladder surgery.

Hernandez, had been held in a facility for migrant children since last week as she recovered from surgery, not quite aware that her case was inflaming the national debate over illegal immigration, that a phalanx of lawyers was suing over her detention or that figures including members of Congress and Lin-Manuel Miranda, the creator of the musical “Hamilton,” were calling for her release.

She still faced the possibility of deportation. [NPR story] (see Nov 6)

November 3 Peace Love Art Activism

Trump Impeachment Inquiry

November 3, 2019: Mark Zaid, an attorney for the anonymous whistleblower whose allegations about President Donald Trump’s dealings with Ukraine ignited the House impeachment inquiry into the President, said he offered to have Republican lawmakers submit questions to his client directly without having to go through the committee’s Democratic majority.

The whistleblower had previously offered to answer lawmakers’ questions under oath and in writing if they were submitted by the House Intelligence Committee as a whole. This new offer would be a direct channel of communication with the Republicans who are in the minority on that committee. Republican leadership has complained that the process is unfair and overly restrictive on their ability to question witnesses. [CNN story] (see TII for expanded chronology)

November 3 Peace Love Art Activism

Cannabis (and more)

November 3, 2020:

  • Arizona voters passed a marijuana legalization initiative, four years after defeating a similar measure.
  • Mississippi voters approved a robust medical cannabis ballot over a restrictive alternative placed on the ballot by lawmakers.
  • Montana voters approved marijuana legalization.
  • New Jersey voters approved a referendum to legalize cannabis. (see February 22, 2021)
  • Oregon voters made their state the first in the nation to decriminalize possession of all drugs. The ballot measure they approved also uses existing marijuana tax revenue to fund expanded treatment services.
  • South Dakota voters approved separate initiatives to legalize marijuana and medical cannabis.  (next Cannabis, see , or see CCC for expanded cannabis chronology) [Marijuana Moment articles] (next Cannabis see Dec 3  or see CCC for expanded Cannabis chronology)


November 4:

November 3 Peace Love Art Activism
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