March 13 Peace Love Activism

March 13 Peace Love Activism

March 13 Peace Love Activism

US Labor History


March 13 Peace Love Activism

March 13, 1830: the term “rat,” referring to a worker who betrays fellow workers, first appears in print in the New York Daily Sentinel.  The newspaper was quoting a typesetter while reporting on replacement workers who had agreed to work for two-thirds of the going rate (see January 29, 1834)

Cultural Milestones

Uncle Sam

March 13 Peace Love Activism

March 13, 1852: the first illustration of 'Uncle Sam' was published in a political cartoon by satirist Frank Bellew in the ‘New York Lantern’. (see May 16, 1966)
Encyclopedia Britannica

March 13 Peace Love Activism

March 13, 2012: after 244 years of publication, Encyclopedia Britannica announced it would discontinue its print edition.


Dien Bien Phu

March 13 Peace Love Activism

March 13, 1954: a force of 40,000 Viet Minh with heavy artillery surrounded 15,000 French troops at Dien Bien Phu. French General Henri Navarre had positioned these forces 200 miles behind enemy lines in a remote area adjacent to the Laotian border. He hoped to draw the communists into a set-piece battle in which he hoped superior French firepower would destroy the enemy. He underestimated the enemy. (see Mar 20)
Campaign 275

March 13 Peace Love Activism

March 13, 1975: Ban Me Thuot, capital of Darlac Province in the Central Highlands, fell to North Vietnamese troops. In late January 1975, just two years after the cease-fire established by the Paris Peace Accords, the North Vietnamese launched Campaign 275. (see Mar 24)


Clinton Melton murder
On December 3 Otis Kimball killed Clinton Melton in cold blood. On March 13, 1956 an all-white, all-male jury acquitted Otis Kimbell, despite the weight of the testimonial and physical evidence contradicting Mr. Kimbell’s claim that he acted in self-defense. (see March 22)
Freedom Rider

March 13 Peace Love Activism

March 13, 1961: Congress of Racial Equality [CORE] announced Freedom Ride. (BH, see Mar 29; Freedom Riders, see May 4)

Albany Movement
March 13, 1963: Blacks resumed a 16 month fight against segregation in Albany, GA, embittered by the realization that a seeming victory was only a legal maneuver. (BH, see Apr 4; AM, see June 21)
March to Montgomery
March 13, 1965:  President Johnson met with Alabama’s Governor Wallace to decry the brutality surrounding the protests and ask him to mobilize the Alabama National Guard to protect demonstrators.

The Beatles

Eight Days a Week
March 13 – 26, 1965: “Eight Days a Week” #1 on the Billboard Hot 100. (see April 13)
John Lennon Meets Brandy Alexander (follow link for more)

March 13 Peace Love Activism

March 13, 1974: when John Lennon arrived in LA in 1973, he looked up Nilsson, a prodigious drinker who also did cocaine.

According to May Pang, John...”loved his energy; he loved his writing. What he loved in Harry was the beauty of his friendship and relaxed personality. That’s what he saw. Harry drank, a lot. But Harry was the type of guy that if you go out drinking with him, he’d be sure at the end of the night that there would be a big brawl and that you are the one who’s in trouble, even though he started it. Harry would keep feeding John drinks until it was too late.”

On March 13 at the Troubadour during a show by the Smothers Brothers. Lennon, drunk on Brandy Alexanders, disrupted the comedians’ act with relentless heckling. Smothers’ manager Ken Fritz said, “I went over and asked Harry to try to shut up Lennon. Harry said, ‘I’m trying – don’t blame me!’ When Lennon continued, I told him to keep quiet. He swung and hit me in the jaw.” Lennon and Nilsson were hustled out of the Troubadour, knocking over a few tables in the process. “It was horrendous,” Tom Smothers recalled. (see Mar 28)
March 13 Peace Love Activism


Student Rights
March 13, 1988: after students, faculty, and the community at Gallaudet University in Washington, D.C. organized a week-long protest called "Deaf President Now" on campus demanding the selection of a deaf president for the university, the trustees of Gallaudet University, the nation's only institution of higher learning for the hearing impaired,  picked I. King Jordan, Dean of the Gallaudet college of arts and sciences, to be the eighth president of the 2,200-student institution. The 124-year-old university had never before had a deaf president. (ADA,  see September 13; SR, see September 1989)

Environmental Issues

Valdez oil spill

March 13 Peace Love Activism

March 13, 1991: the US Dept of Justice announced that Exxon had agreed to pay $1 billion for the clean-up of the Exxon Valdez oil spill in Alaska. (see June 13, 1994)


March 13 Peace Love Activism

March 13, 2007: New Mexico's Senate Bill 523 "The Lynn and Erin Compassionate Use Act" was approved by the House (36-31) and the Senate (32-3) on Mar. 13, 2007 and took effect on July 1, 2007. The act removed state-level criminal penalties on the use and possession of marijuana by patients "in a regulated system for alleviating symptoms caused by debilitating medical conditions and their medical treatments." The New Mexico Department of Health was designated to administer the program and register patients, caregivers, and providers. (see Feb 15, 2008)

Kandahar massacre

March 13, 2012:  the soldier suspected in the Kandahar killings was moved to Kuwait. President Barack Obama said that the military would conduct a thorough investigation into the rampage. He said he has told Afghan President Hamid Karzai that the United States "takes this as seriously as if it was our own citizens and our own children who were murdered." (see Mar 16)


Sgt. Rebekah Havrilla

March 13 Peace Love Activism


March 13, 2013: former Army Sgt. Rebekah Havrilla, an Army rape victim, testified about how a military chaplain told her the alleged rape “was God’s will” and was intended to “get my attention so I would go back to church.” Havrilla a key witness at a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing focusing on sexual assault in the military. Havrilla told the military personnel subcommittee she delayed filing formal charges for an alleged rape by a fellow soldier in Afghanistan because she did not trust the system, and that after she finally reported it nothing happened. (see July 11)

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