Beatles 1965 Rubber Soul

Beatles 1965 Rubber Soul

Beatles 1965 Rubber Soul

Beatles 1965 Rubber Soul
George Harrison, John Lennon, Ringo Starr, and Paul McCartney

The Beatles released their Rubber Soul album in time for Christmas on December 6, 1965. It became the Billboard #1 album on January 8, 1966 and remained there until February 18.

Beatles 1965 Rubber Soul

1965 Turning Point

1965 was a turning point for 1960s music. Although Beatlemania had hit America in 1964 and the band had six #1 singles that year alone, the music was still not what would eventually lead to the Woodstock Music and Art Fair and other such festivals.

After their touring ended in 1966, the Beatles went into the studio and went in another direction. Why?

The simplest answer is that Dylan had gone in a different direction and the Beatles realized that they could, too. And where Dylan and the Beatles headed, many followed.

Beatles 1965 Rubber Soul

Meeting Bob

In August 1964 the Beatles played a concert in New York City and afterwards famously met Bob Dylan who didn’t realize at first he was introducing the Beatles to marijuana. He was and they reportedly enjoyed the experience. (see Bob Dylan Introduces the Beatles for more).

In 1965, Dylan had gone  “gone electric” to both the delight and dismay of his fans. His song “Maggie’s Farm” was his declaration of independence. No longer would he be pigeon-holed as a protest folk singer.

Beatles 1965 Rubber Soul

Back in the Studio

When happened in the studio when the Beatles returned there in October 1965 was “Rubber Soul.”  While  the pop sound they were known was still a part of their music,  now there was more depth, too. Boomers had lyrics to figure out.

Beatles 1965 Rubber Soul

For example, John Lennon sang on “Girl”

Was she told when she was young that pain
Would lead to pleasure?
Did she understand it when they said
That a man must break his back to earn
His day of leisure?
Will she still believe it when he’s dead?
Ah girl
Beatles 1965 Rubber Soul

More than holding hands

To the typical American Baby Boomer teenager, this was no longer simply wanting to “…hold your hand.

Beatles 1965 Rubber Soul

1966 Fork in the Road

In 1966 American pop music came upon a fork in the road and some fans remained on the well-traveled road, the road of 45s, and top ten.

Others took what was for them a path less traveled. That same year, Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys produced the definitely-not-surf-music Pet Sounds. The Beatles closed 1966 with what some call Rubber Soul part two, Revolver, a continuation of their musical and lyrical experimentation.

The Mothers of Invention released Freak Out! Ken Kesey’s Acid Tests got into full swing. Light shows at concerts began. Crawdaddy, the first rock and roll magazine to write full and serious articles, appeared. Concerts at San Francisco’s Fillmore began. John Lennon got into trouble after pointing out that the Beatles were more popular than Jesus. FM rock stations began.

Beatles 1965 Rubber Soul

More 1965

Jefferson Airplane released their first album. The Beatles performed their final live concert. Jimi Hendrix hit England. The Beatles began to record Sgt. Pepper’s.

That less traveled path would lead to Woodstock after a few other festival stops along the way.

For more about the album, click through >>> The Beatles site

Beatles 1965 Rubber Soul
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