April 8 Music et al

April 8 Music et al

Elvis Soldier Boy
April 8, 1960: Elvis recorded “Soldier Boy” as part of his first post-military service album. (see Apr 20)

Julian Lennon

April 8 Music et al

April 8, 1963: Julian Lennon born. The Beatles were on tour at and John Lennon didn't see his son until 11 April. On this evening the group were in the south of England, performing at the Swimming Baths in Leyton, London.(see Apr 13)
April 8 Music et al
Lawrence of Arabia

April 8 Music et al

April 8, 1963, 1962 Oscars held.  Frank Sinatra hosts. Lawrence of Arabia, with ten nominations and seven Oscars, was the Best Film winner.  This was the first of four British-made films that won the top Best Picture Oscar in the decade of the 1960s. The other three were Tom Jones (1963),  A Man For All Seasons (1966), and Oliver! (1968).
John Lennon’s Rolls Royce
April 8, 1967: John Lennon took his Rolls Royce to coachbuilders J.P. Fallon Ltd in Surrey to inquire if they could paint his car in psychedelic colors. This was based on an idea by Marijke Koger ("The Fool" who was a member of Dutch team of gypsy artists). J.P. Fallon commissioned Steve Weaver's pattern of scroll and flowers for the Phantom V. The cost for having the work done came in at £2,000. A custom interior/exterior sound system was also installed as well as a Sony television; telephone (WEYBRIDGE 46676) and a portable refrigerator. (see Apr 19)
April 8, 1968:  Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs established by President Johnson. It is the predecessor agency of the modern Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) 

It was formed as a subsidiary of the US Department of Justice, combining the Bureau of Narcotics (from the United States Department of the Treasury) and Bureau of Drug Abuse Control (from the United States Department of Health, Education, and Welfare's Food and Drug Administration) into one agency. (see May 19, 1969)

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