August 11 Music et al

August 11 Music et al

August 11 Music et al

Neil Sedaka

August 11 – 24, 1962: “Breaking Up Is Hard to Do” by Neil Sedaka #1 Billboard Hot 100. Sedaka co-worte the song with Howard Greenfield. Sedaka recorded this song twice, in 1962 and 1975, in two vastly different arrangements. The song is his signature song.

Jivin’ Gene and the Jokers had recorded a song by the same name in 1959. (Wikipedia article)

Both of Neil’s versions…

The slow version…

August 11 Music et al

The Beatles

A Hard Day’s Night

August 11, 1964: Beatles first film, A Hard Day’s Night, opened in America and was a huge hit.  Shown in 500 theaters across U.S., it earns $1.3 million in the first week.  Some 15,000 prints made for world-wide distribution – historical first in film industry. (see Aug 12)


August 11, 1965, The Beatles: the Beatles’ movie “Help!” premiered in the New York. (see Aug 13)

Here is a revised (and more ominous) trailer for the film. Enjoy.

August 11 Music et al

The [bumpy] Road to Bethel

Monday 11 August 1969
  • John Roberts packed for trip to Bethel. As of that afternoon’s accounting, Woodstock Ventures had posted receipt of advance ticket sales totaling $1,107,936. Woodstock Ventures (John Roberts) had spent nearly twice that sum.
  • telephone poles bolted into place around stage, but it is discovered that many are split or rotten.Woodstock Ventures came to agreement with William Filippini for use of Filippini Pond for $5,000. (see Chronology for more)
August 11 Music et al

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