May 28 Music et al

May 28 Music et al

Herbie Hancock

May 28 Music et al

May 28, 1962: Herbie Hancock recorded Takin’ Off  album at Van Gelder Studios. From All Music:“Takin’ Off is among Hancock’s most conventional albums, it shows a young stylist already strikingly mature for his age, and one who can interpret established forms with spirit and imagination. Case in point: the simple, catchy “Watermelon Man,” which became a Hancock signature tune and a jazz standard in the wake of a hit cover by Latin jazz star Mongo Santamaria.”

May 28 Music et al


May 28, 1963: Andrew Weil and Josephy Russin wrote a scathing critique in the Harvard Crimson of Timothy Leary and Richard Alpert. Part of the article read: Far from exercising the caution that characterizes the published statements of most scientists, Leary and Alpert, in their papers and speeches, have been given to making the kind of pronouncement about their work that one associates with quacks. They also wrote: “The shoddiness of their work as scientists is the result less of incompetence than of a conscious rejection of scientific ways of looking at things. Leary and Alpert fancy themselves ‘prophets’ of a psychic revolution designed to free Western man from the limitations of consciousness as we know it.” (see also 1973 article) (see September)

When A Man Loves a Woman

May 28 – June 10, 1966: “When A Man Loves a Woman” by Percy Sledge #1 on the Billboard Hot 100.

May 28 Music et al

What Now My Love

May 28 – July 22, 1966: Herb Albert’s What Now My Love  is the Billboard #1 album.

The Road to Bethel

May 28, 1969: Mel Lawrence presented first “checklist” for the festival’s execution. Incredible String Band and Ravi Shankar signed. $4,500 each. Also at this time (late May) newspapers began to display the first print advertisements for the festival. (see June 2)

May 28 Music et al
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