ShaNaNa Jocko Marcellino

ShaNaNa Jocko Marcellino

Happy birthday
May 12, 1950

Sha Na Na

ShaNaNa Jocko Marcellino

Most Boomers have heard of Sha Na Na and remember their successful late 70’s TV show, but young visitors to the Museum at Bethel Woods Center for the Arts not only don’t recognize the name, they don’t associate the band with Woodstock. Hendrix, of course. Sha Na Na? Never heard of them.

Not many had heard of the band made up of Columbia University undergrads before that famous August 1969 weekend in Bethel, NY either. And most weren’t there to hear the band on Monday morning.

Sha Na Na was there, though. They “opened” for Jimi Hendrix, an acquaintance and apparently the person who punched their ticket to Woodstock.

ShaNaNa Jocko Marcellino

Youngest @ Woodstock?

You can win some bar bets by asking who the youngest person to play at Woodstock was? Those who have an answer will often reply, “Santana’s drummer, Michael Shrieve.”

Country Joe McDonald boosts that belief dozens of times each day during the repeating movie in the entrance to the Main Gallery at Bethel Wood’s Museum.

McDonald is wrong. It’s Henry Gross, Sha Na Na’s guitarist (April 1, 1959), but Jocko almost made it as he was born on May 12, 1950. Shrieve is third youngest.

ShaNaNa Jocko Marcellino

 Post Woodstock

Sha Na Na John Jocko Marcellino

For five years after Woodstock, the band toured and then landed the aforementioned TV show. It had an eight-year run.

In 1978 they appeared in Grease, the wildly popular film adaptation of the rock’n’roll revival musical.

In addition to that movie, Marcellino has appeared in many others, including Rain Man. Check out his IMDB page.

ShaNaNa Jocko Marcellino


Sha Na Na John Jocko Marcellino

Jocko continues to be in music and perform with his own band that departs from doo wop and believes in the blues. He released an album called Make It Simple.

Jocko discusses Woodstock’s golden anniversary on Yahoo!Finance

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      1. That is Jocko, that other person doesn’t realize that Jocko has had a solo career as well as with Sha na na. He has written songs for movies and television shows without Sha na na. Jocko has several of his own albums without Sha na na. And if you watch any interview with Jocko (they can be found all over YouTube and you can see the man in the video is the same man in the videos. There are also Sha na na videos that were recorded last year with Jocko singing, and you can see it is the same person.

    1. Actually that is Jocko, he has had a solo career as well as with Sha na na. Watch some interviews and you will see that is him.

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