Happy birthday Christina Licorice McKechnie,

Christina Licorice McKechnie

Christina Licorice McKechnie

Incredible String Band

Woodstock Music and Art Fair
Born October 2, 1945

Christina Licorice McKechnie

Christina Licorice McKechnie


Being in the limelight is not necessarily something one wants for their whole life. Despite the curiosity that fans may continue to have, the limelighted person may prefer to let the glare go away.

Such is seemingly the case with Christina Licorice McKechnie. A member of the Incredible String Band and with them when they performed at the Woodstock Music and Art Fair, little if anything is known about her currently with any certainty.

Christina Licorice McKechnie


McKechnie was born in Edinburgh, Scotland on October 2, 1945. In the early 1960s she met Robin Williamson, one of the founding members of the Incredible String Band. She left home with the intention of marrying Bert Jansch, another British folk musician who became a revered leader of the British folk scene.

The wedding never took place.

McKechnkie rejoined Wiliamson and in 1966 she traveled to Morocco him. She became a member of the Incredible String Band performing mainly as a backing vocalist and percussionist.

We can hear her especially on the song “Painting Box.”

She left the band in 1972 when she and Robin Williamson parted ways.

Christina Licorice McKechnie


I wish I could say more about their Woodstock performance. They were scheduled to play on Friday with the other folk-based performers, but the disrupted scene forced the festival’s organizers to postpone ISR’s performance to the far more loudly electric Saturday.

It was late that afternoon and friend Tony and I were getting hungry, not having eaten anything since Friday dinner. ISB’s performance slot seemed like a good time to search for some sustenance at the Food for Love concessions. No food and little love. And no Licorice.

Christina Licorice McKechnie


Her current status is a mystery. Some say they saw her hitchhiking in California decades ago. She is assumed dead by many who say they should have heard from her but haven’t. Others say that they have heard from her and she prefers anonymity.

Here is a link to a page that appears to be a fan site.

The Incredible String Band occupies an interesting piece of the 60s I was familiar with their music thanks to FM radio, Many find their music inaccessible, but with a bit of time and attention, I find most of the Band’s compositions wonderful.              

From their Woodstock appearance:
Christina Licorice McKechnie

19 thoughts on “Christina Licorice McKechnie”

  1. She was last seen in a “confused” state, hitchhiking in the Arizona desert. She is virtually certain to be dead. No word from her to her family in 30 years – that’s not “hiding,” that’s dead.

      1. That’s wishful but unrealistic thinking. I believe she ‘s long gone but would love to be wrong. Dear Licorice, my name is Christina too and you once wrote to me. . Bless you wherever you are.

    1. Indeed. I don’t understand why people keep trying to gloss this over with “out of the lime-light” stories. It is certainly not in her honour to do so.

    2. She was involved with the cult of Scientology and they used her “celebrity ” status to get more new celebrity followers. But it was the auditing that “sent her up the bridge to OT status” that made her mind like mush. Its a tragic tale told by her former bf or husband and its on YouTube. She was dearly loved by all who met her and she was so sparkling and innocent.

    3. Exactly, though it says sister saw her in 1990 after a surgery? Which date did she go missing. She isn’t even on missing persons sites, and she should be. I’m looking thru doenetwork I see a few who could be her

  2. I also must disagree with Mr. Groot. Licorice may still be with us and may merely desire anonymity. (I know, strange behavior in this day of instant, mass communication, when everyone knows everyone else’s business.) Also, this “She was last seen” stuff is incredibly flimsy. Who saw her? The writer from Mojo Magazine? Was he in the “Arizona desert” with her?

    If you ARE alive and miraculously see this, Likkie, peace and love to you, and I hope you stay blissfully anonymous.

  3. I saw The Incredible String Band in 1970 in a church in Oxford, already liked their music, became sort of a convert. To what? Still not sure, Recently I’ve been thinking about Licorice (maybe dreaming?) I’ve been listening to I know You, thinking about her Mona Lisa smile, she’s been in my head. There’s something about her.

    1. I love your “Still not sure.” Hadn’t thought about why I, too, like ISR, but I do and apparently like you could not easily put it into words. A great part of the great music that somehow happened at the same time.

  4. I saw the Incredible String Band in Boston in May of 1969. I had layers of the onion, but after the concert I bought Wee Tam and the Big Huge. It was a great concert! At Woodstock I missed them, I really don’t know why. I remember cooking food around that time, and waiting in a line for water. Thanks for bringing back some memories!

  5. I hope she is alive and well.
    Only the person going through turmoil goes away to hide and start afresh.
    I pray she does get on touch with her family as I’m sure they think.pf her all the time.

  6. I would love to think she is still with us and hiding in plain sight as at least one insider has claimed. However another insider told me that there is a considerable amount of money due to Ms McKechnie – boosted by the re-edit of the Woodstock movie. It is unclaimed. Not proof that she is no longer with us but a strong suggestion that might be the case.
    I like so many other had a teenage crush on Likkie and I met her once or twice. Sweet memories – hopes she has peace wherever she may be.

  7. I find this obsession with her whereabouts (and/or otherwise) morbid, unhealthy, a bit creepy and ultimately pointless.
    It’s no wonder to me that, in this fame-obsessed world, some people might decide to simply “disappear”. Most probably to get away from the prying eyes of nosey curtain-twitching types or, if you like, people who have nothing better to do. Let it go!

  8. I don’t wish to add speculation to the debate, rather show that it could still be the case that Licorice doesn’t want the limelight.
    Sheila Mc Donald, scots singer & songwriter effectively disappeared between 1971 and 2005, within the UK and only came forward to allay speculation on her whereabouts. briefly in the music industry before again retiring. Please note, the UK is a much smaller place then the USA.
    Also John Mayhew, one time drummer with Genesis who was effectively off the radar between 1970 and 2006, sadly now deceased. Both artists had large royalties waiting for them when they re appeared.
    My point is, people do turn up, if they want to.

  9. I really hope her sister gave dna to CODIS because she’s probably a unidentified Jane Doe. Be nice if we knew the year she went missing was it 1987 or 1990. Looks like her front teeth are very unique and would be easy to identify.

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