Bullfrog Lake Music Festival

Bullfrog Lake Music Festival

Oregon City, Oregon
July 4, 5, and 6, 1969

Bullfrog Lake Music Festival

1969 festival #16!

Yet another!

The more I look, the more I run into when it comes to 1969 festivals and here is another one, albeit, a small one even by small standards.

Bullfrog Lake Music Festival

Jefferson Airplane headline

Bullfrog Lake Music Festival

This festivals site was on private land at Bullfrog Lake Trailer Park about 20 miles south of Portland. Jefferson Airplane was the main band. They play on July 6.

Another band was the Sons of Champlin. (video from 1968):

Bullfrog Lake Music Festival

Ace of Cups

…the Ace of Cups (again a ’68 video)

The Ace of Cups  were one of the first all-female rock bands. The members were Mary Gannon (bass), Marla Hunt (organ, piano), Denise Kaufman (guitar, harmonica), Mary Ellen Simpson (lead guitar), and Diane Vitalich (drums).  All but Vitalich sang lead and  all five sang backup. Songwriting, too, was shared.

Bullfrog Lake Music Festival

Many more

Family Tree may have been a Caribbean band and if so this may be    an example of them. It’s nice stuff…similar to Santana.

Plus the Portland Electric Zoo Band,  Mixed Blood, and other local bands.

Bullfrog Lake Music Festival

Silent film

It wasn’t recorded nor filmed professionally, but below is a silent super-8 film from the event.

While not big by festival standards, it was apparently successful enough to inspire organizers to hold a second Bull Frog festival that same summer. It ran into a few issues and locals cancelled it, but from its ashes that same weekend Bull Frog 3 rose.

Bullfrog Lake Music Festival
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4 thoughts on “Bullfrog Lake Music Festival”

  1. Bullfrog I happened in Oregon City, NOT Estacada!

    Vortex happened at a Forest Park near Estacada, but Bull Frog Lake is NOWHERE NEAR Estacada!

      1. I was born 3-23-69. In Oregon City just a few miles from Bullfrog.. And although I didnt attend.. I have 2 brothers who are 17 and 24 yrs older and they both attended.. So ive heard of this my whole life, when i was between the ages of 9-12 I did go out to Bullfrog skeet shooting and target practice … Today was the first time ive ever seen the video clip or posters. Way cool..

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