Percussionist Gerardo Jerry Velez

Percussionist Gerardo Jerry Velez

Percussionist Gerardo Jerry Velez

Happy birthday!

born August 15, 1947

Percussionist Gerardo Jerry Velez

Gerardo “Jerry” Velez was born in Puerto Rico, grew up in the Bronx, and played with Jimi Hendrix’s Gypsy Sun and Rainbows at the Woodstock Music and Art Fair three days after he turned twenty-two.

Not bad.

Percussionist Gerardo Jerry Velez

Post Woodstock

From his site“…Velez went on to perform with such luminaries as David Bowie, Elton John, Stevie Wonder, Destiny’s Child, Stevie Nicks, Chaka Khan, Marc Anthony and countless others. Then he was poised for greatness as an original member of the Best Selling Contemporary Jazz Groups of all time Spyro Gyra, garnering multiple Gold and Platinum recording awards, also best new group of 1978, several number one hit songs, Billboard Magazine’s Jazz Band of the 80’s….and 14 Grammy Nominations.”

Percussionist Gerardo Jerry Velez

Outside playing

Also from his site: “Velez’s event company Gerardo Velez Productions (GVP) has been producing hundreds of shows and events since 1981. Nationally and internationally creating events, gala’s, concerts, festivals for such clients as New York Stock Exchange, The Security Traders Association of New York, Bank of America, H.B.O., Comedy Central, and SAP Software. Time Warner, Donna Karan, Chopard Jewelry, Mirimax Films, and Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino just to mention a few.

“His range in Music continues as a musical supervisor and director for Conde Nast Travelers Awards, United Way’s 25th. Anniversary , National Football League Properties working with Rap, Rand B, and country superstars…Buster Rhymes , Destiny’s Child, Terry Bradshaw, Tim McGraw , Jerry Rice, 98 Degrees, Isaac Hayes, each song coupled an athlete with a musician.”

Many happy returns…

Gerardo Jerry Velez

Here’s a great and thorough montage of Velez from YouTube…

Many happy returns, Jerry. Thanks you for all your music, especially that damp Bethel Monday morning a few days after that 22nd birthday.

Percussionist Gerardo Jerry Velez

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  1. Best percusionist, EVER!
    Memories of parties at your place in Buffalo . ‘My balls are free…my house, my rules.’

  2. I’m the owner of Spyro Gyra’s first indepedent label record before they were bought out by a major label. Any ideas on this diamond?

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