November 13 Music et al

November 13 Music et al

November 13 Music et al

Get That Communist, Joe

In 1954: the Kavaliers sang “Get That Communist, Joe” in which they poked fun at McCarthy’s passion to find Communists everywhere. (see Jan 8)

Joe, come here a minute

I get a red hot tip for you, Joe

See that guy with the red suspenders

Driving that car with the bright red fenders

I know he’s one of those heavy spenders

Get that Communist Joe

He’s fillin’ my gal with propaganda

And I’m scared she will meander

Don’t want to take a chance that he’ll land her

Get that Communist Joe

He’s a most revolting character

And the fellas hate him so

But with the girls this character

Is a Comrade Romeo

Since my love he’s sabotaging

And the law he has been dodging

Give him what he deserves, jailhouse lodging

Get that Communist Joe (Get that Shmo, Joe)

November 13 Music et al

What’s Happening! The Beatles in the U.S.A

November 13 Music et al

November 13, 1964: CBS TV shows a 50-minute documentary, “What’s Happening! The Beatles in the U.S.A.,” filmed by Albert Maysles, covering the Beatles U.S. tour and other activities that year.

Rolling Stone ranks the movie the 10th best rock documentary: Two years after the landmark Lonely Boy brought cinema vérité techniques backstage, the Maysles Brothers hitched a ride with the Fab Four on their first trans-Atlantic trip. Although Richard Lester would (lightly) fictionalize similar scenarios in A Hard Day’s Night, no camera before or since ever got so close to capturing John, Paul, George and Ringo in anything like their natural state; you can almost see the walls coming up as they realize how unavoidably public their lives are about to become. The DVD version, retitled The First U.S. Visit, swaps out scenes highlighting the drudgery of promo-tour obligations in favor of the band’s Ed Sullivan Showperformances — a fair trade, but it’s worth seeking out the original, which still screens in theaters occasionally.(see Nov 23).

November 13 Music et al

The Beatles in Yellow Submarine

and, oh yea,

The Sound of Music

November 13 #Musicetal
album cover for The Sound of Music
November 13 Music et al

Yellow Submarine

November 13 #Musicetal

November 13, 1968, the US release of Yellow Submarine movie. The review of the Beatles “Yellow Submarine” began, “YELLOW SUBMARINE,” which opened yesterday, at the Forum and Tower East, is the Beatles’ first feature length cartoon, designed, for the most part beautifully, by Heinz Edelmann, in styles ranging through Steinberg, Arshile Gorky, Bob Godfrey (of the short film “The Do It Yourself Cartoon Kit”), the Sgt. Pepper album cover, and — mainly, really — the spirit and conventions of the Sunday comic strip.” (NYT review of Yellow Submarine) (see Nov 21)

November 13 Music et al

Sound of Music

November 13 –26, 1965, the Sound of Music soundtrack was the Billboard #1 album. This is how my brothers and sisters used to say goodnight, too.

November 13 Music et al
Dylan in the movies

November 13, 1972: always interested in movie making, filming began in Durango, NM for the Sam Peckinpah move, Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid. Peckinpah hired Dylan to create the music and play a small part in the film.

The whole experience was not a pleasant one as Peckinpah’s substance issues and resulting directing style made life difficult for all involved. (see February 1973)

November 13 Music et al

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