Remembering Rick Danko

Remembering Rick Danko

Remembering Rick Danko

Born on December 29, 1942
Thank you for that voice. Did you come out singing?
Thank you for that smile. Did you come out smiling?
Without your love…

Without your love I’m nothing at all

Like an empty hall it’s a lonely fall

Since you’ve been gone it’s a losing battle

Stampeding cattle they rattle my walls

Opportunity denied

Because I was wet, tired, hungry, and worried whether our car was still where we left it on the side of 17B, Tony and I left the Woodstock Music and Art Fair after Sunday afternoon’s deluge.

No Hendrix. No Crosby Stills and Nash. And no Band. Damn it, no Band. Big Pink. Bob Dylan. Tears of Rage. Woodstock.

I did see the Band later and they were as good as I’d hoped. And I had great hopes.

Remembering Rick Danko

Next generation

And later still I got to see a solo Rick a few times at The Turning Point in Piermont, NY. One of those times, my wife and I brought our young teenage son who was a fan and an aspiring guitarist. At a point, Rick, with a smile as big as the stage, asked the audience, “Does anyone have a heavy?” meaning a guitar pick.

Our son had one, handed it to Rick and got Rick’s in return.

Get much better? I think not.

Rick did make a difference.

Remembering Rick Danko

Carol Gaffin

Carol Gaffin wrote after Rick’s death:

On December 10, 1999, Rick Danko died as he had lived – simply, without fanfare, pomp or pretense. If the tears, prayers and tributes that followed are any indication, this country boy whose goal was to “help the neighborhood” certainly succeeded. The world is a much better place because of Rick Danko, and a much sadder one without him.

Link to Band site bio >>> Rick bio

The NYT article about Rick when he died >>> NYT article

And just because he was a December baby so close to Christmas…

Remembering Rick Danko


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