Gone Far Too Soon 27 Club

Gone Far Too Soon 27 Club

Gone Far Too Soon 27 Club

Gone Far Too Soon 27 Club

Equivocal occupation

As a docent at Bethel Woods Center for the Arts I have the opportunity to do “Artist Tours.”

During the outdoor concert season, the Center offers a Woodstock site tour to the visiting musicians, their crew, and accompanying family and friends.

The initial response to the opportunity is that as a docent I’d have the opportunity to “rub elbows” with these well-known acts. Rarely is that so and it took me a few times to realize why.

I once observed to a crew member that what fans see as the glamour of the touring experience, seeing many places, the applause, the adulation, the well-appointed buses aren’t perhaps all they appear to be, he replied, “It’s still traveling down the interstate in a metal tube at 70 MPH.”

And that is as good a revelation of the other side as I will likely ever hear.

Gone Far Too Soon 27 Club


It would seem that given the wealth that can sometime become a part of the successful musicians’ lives, the chance to be a part of many exclusive inner circles, and the requests to be met and their accompanying flattery, a person might come to believe that their success has no down side.

But the chance to accept all that is offered, the ability to purchase that which is often unavailable and to purchase excessive amounts of that thing can lead on to that infamous slippery slope to the Valley of Humiliation.

Gone Far Too Soon 27 Club

27 Club

And is some cases, the Valley of Death.

It is an exaggeration in the extreme to say that the life of rock and roll is a lethal one, a deadly one. Unfortunately, for too many, it was just that. And oddly, the 27 year old musician has been that.

Gone Far Too Soon 27 Club

No One Lives Forever

The Band sang it so well…

No one lives forever

Who would want to

But you’re too soon gone, too soon gone

Too soon gone, too soon gone

…and so did Robbie Robertson solo

Are you out there

Can you hear me

Can you see me in the dark

Follow this link to  a sad listing the too many rock musicians who died at the age of 27.  Or this Ranker article.

Gone Far Too Soon 27 Club

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