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John’s Older Brother Tom Fogerty

John’s Older Brother Tom Fogerty

John's Older Brother Tom Fogerty

November 9, 1941 – September 6, 1990


Creedence Clearwater Revival's John Fogerty could certainly write hits: 
  • Green River
  • Fortunate Son
  • Born on the Bayou
  • Proud Mary
  • Who’ll Stop the Rain
  • Bad Moon Rising
  • Lookin’ Out My Back door
  • Down on the Corner
  • Have You Ever Seen the Rain
  • Up Around the Bend

...and many many more. At a time when so-called underground FM radio station bands were making concept albums, CCR stuck with the older format churning out albums full songs that typically stayed within AM radio's strictures of under 4 minutes and more often under three minutes.

John's success overshadowed the artistic hopes of the other band members like his older brother.


Tom Fogerty was born in Berkeley, California.  He formed a band, Spider Webb and the Insects, that Del-Fi Records signed in 1959.  Spider Webb only recorded one song for the label, “Lyda Jane,” but it was never released and the group broke up shortly thereafter.

Tom joined John's band, the Blue Velvets, in 1960. The Blue Velvets had limited local success in the San Francisco Bay area.

The four signed with Fantasy Records in 1964. There they were briefly the Visions, the Golliwogs,  and finally, in late 1967, Creedence Clearwater Revival.


That elusive success suddenly exploded upon them: between July 1968 and December 1970, Creedence released six albums and top 10 hit after hit. The band was more a back up for John than a collaboration. Tom, the original front singer and whose own compositions were hardly included in the band's albums, led to his leaving the band in 1971. 

He signed a solo deal with Fantasy in 1972 and released the first of his six solo albums, Tom Fogerty, in 1972.  His other albums were:
  • Excalibur (1972)
  • Zephyr National (1974)
  • Myopia (1974)
  • Deal It Out (1981)
  • Sidekicks (with Randy Oda) (released posthumously in 1992)
  • The Very Best of Tom Fogerty (1999)
None had any of the commercial success that CCR had. CCR itself broken up by 1972. Most say due to John's continued insistence that all band-related issues be his to decide. 

Tom moved to Scottsdale, Arizona in the ‘80s. He underwent back surgery, but an unscreened blood transfusion infected him with the AIDS virus. It led to his death, officially of tuberculosis, on Sept. 6, 1990.

John’s Older Brother Tom Fogerty

In a July 18, 2014 interview in Uncut, band bassist Stu Cook said, “Tom had put up with a lot of shit from John. I think Tom was expecting John to say, ‘OK, now we’ve achieved our goals, why don’t you start singing a few of the songs?’ Tom had a great voice, kinda like Ritchie Valens. Tom would have done a damn good job on ‘La Bamba’. But John didn’t want him to sing it, in case we had a hit with it. He didn’t want Tom to succeed.”

The band was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1993. One of the most infamous inductions of any band in the Hall's history. According to The History of Tom Fogerty of Creedence Clearwater Revival from the Ultimate Classic Rock site:  When Creedence Clearwater Revival was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame...Tom Fogerty’s widow brought his ashes in an urn. John, however, refused to share the stage with his former bandmates.

The feud between the remaining three band mates (though obviously "mates" is not the word to use) continues.

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Larry Lee

Larry Lee bio from BW wall


Today is the anniversary of Lawrence H. “Larry” Lee, Jr.’s death. He was born on March 7, 1943  and died October 30, 2007


The above image is a picture of his bio. A volunteer at Bethel Woods Center for the Arts wrote it and is part of an exhibit displaying similar bios of other Woodstock artists and organizers who have died.


Thank you Larry.


Larry Lee with Jimi Hendrix at Woodstock
Larry Lee with Jimi Hendrix at Woodstock


Video is of poor quality and short, but Lee’s guitar shines through anyway!

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Grace Slick

Grace Slick

October 30, 1939
Happy birthday
from several years ago, Grace’s advice to women trying to break into rock

large grace slick

Grace Slick


From the Jefferson Airplane site: Grace Slick, to the public mind, is synonymous with Jefferson Airplane and Jefferson Starship in the way that Mick Jagger is synonymous with the Rolling Stones. Ironically, Grace was not an original member of the band, nor was she with Starship at the very end. But Grace’s importance to every phase of the band cannot be underestimated. White Rabbit, which she wrote, helped define not only Jefferson Airplane but also the acid rock era. Her unconventional vocals on Somebody to Love gave the Airplane its biggest hit. As one of the first female rock stars (as opposed to pop singers), Grace helped redefine women’s role in modern music as more than just a sex symbol backed by a band. Of course, with her statuesque beauty and icy blue eyes, Grace had the sex symbol bit down pat as well.
Grace Barnett Wing was born October 30, 1939, in Highland Park, a suburb of Chicago, IL. Her father, Ivan, was an investment banker, and her mother, Virginia Barnett Wing, had been an actress and singer in the early ’30s. Her lineage goes back to Norway, where the family name was Vinje.

grace slick woodstock

“Good morning, people!”

The Great Society

Jefferson Airplane

Jefferson Starship


What about Woodstock? From a Rolling Stone magazine article: What did you think when you walked out and saw all those people?  It's always good to see the people. I played a lot of festivals in the summer and it was set up for various kinds of performances and they had spotlights that are bolted in place, and they're blinding. I wore a white dress with fringe. I packed it in California and I didn't even think about the weather. I just assumed it would be marvelous. That day [after it rained], I thought, "Christ, I don't have anything else I can wear — this is it!" So I had to keep my feet out of the mud. 

What is Grace up to nowadays? In a September 2017 Variety magazine interview one of her comments was, "I mostly paint now and I will encourage or not encourage people depending on who I am talking to. But also this is a period of time where I’m sitting back, which is fine. When you are older, generally, you’re a bit quieter. Rock and roll is a young expression — it’s strong, loud, and ironic. There are just things you do when you’re 25 you don’t do when you’re 70 because you look silly."

Thank you!

Grace Slick

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