December 1 Music et al

December 1 Music et al

December 1 Music et al

Morning Dew

In 1962 Bonnie Dobson released the post apocalyptic song, “Morning Dew” It was later covered most famously by the Grateful Dead.

What Have They Done to the Rain

Also in 1962  Malvina Reynolds released “What Have They Done to the Rain” points out danger of nuclear testing. (Cold War, see Jan 2; Nuclear News, see Feb 16; News Music, see October 8, 1963)

McCartney & Best leave Germany

December 1, 1960: McCartney and Best arrived at London Airport. They spent their remaining money on a bus to Euston Station and a train ticket to Liverpool. John Lennon stayed behind in Hamburg for a while. (see Dec 10)

My Son, the Folk Singer

December 1 – 14, 1962: Allen Sherman’s My Son, the Folk Singer Billboard #1 album.


December 1, 1963: The New York Times Sunday Magazine, ran a story on “Beatlemania” in the U.K. (NYT article) (see Beatlemania for more)

Roy Howard buys Yasgur’s Farm

December 1 Music et al

December 1, 1986: Miriam Yasgur sold farm to Roy Howard. The site now holds annual reunions to celebrate both Yasgur’s life and the spirit of Woodstock. (see Woodstock  for expanded chronology)


December 1, 2016: The Journal of Psychopharmacology concurrently released studies by researchers at New York University, with 29 patients, and at Johns Hopkins University, with 51 on the possible therapeutic benefit of psilocybin. The studies proceeded after arduous review by regulators and were the largest and most meticulous among a handful of trials. The results were striking. About 80 percent of cancer patients showed clinically significant reductions in both psychological disorders, a response sustained some seven months after the single dose. Side effects were minimal. (see September 4, 2019)

December 1 Music et al

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