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Elliot Gino Cahn

Elliot Gino Cahn

Elliot Gino Cahn
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Elliot Gino Cahn was a founding member of Sha Na Na and played rhythm guitar for them from 1969–1973. That obviously included the Woodstock Music and Art Fair performance just before Jimi Hendrix closed the festival.

And while his performance career ended after that 1973 departure, he went back to school and eventually became a lawyer, he did not leave music completely, just the stage.

Elliot Gino Cahn


In 1977 he received his Bachelor of Arts/Political Science. In 1981, his JD, Law as well as a Masters of Arts from University of California, Berkeley.

He opened his own law office in 1985 and his path since then, as mentioned above, has often included music as well as film.

For example from January 1995 to January 1997 he served as co-president and CEO of (510) Records, a joint venture label with the Universal Music Group.

During that same time and after, he managed numerous acts included Green Day.

Elliot Gino Cahn

Sha Na Na

It is difficult, I suppose, for someone who performed at such a famous event to remain anonymous. I also suppose for someone who performed at such a famous event that the occasional recognition is welcome.

From a 2009 Fandom blog entry: Back in June, I was surprised to see a request from Elliot “Gino” Cahn…. He asked if anyone had any access to a copy of a television special entitled “Good Vibrations from London” which starred the Beach Boys and Sha-Na-Na, among others. While I don’t have a copy in my archives, I felt that this was a golden opportunity. I figured if I could do me a favor, he would do me a favor and autograph my poster. I replied to his e-mail, privately, and told him where he might be able to find a copy. I also asked him if he would sign my poster for me. Elliot Cahn is interesting man. After he left Sha-Na-Na, he moved to the Bay Area and went back to school at the University of California at Berkely where he studied law. Eventually he married his love of music and his love of the law to be an attorney for such groups as Primus, The Offspring, and Rancid to name a few. He also served as Green Day’s first manager until they broke big with the “Dookie” album. I sent out my poster to him and he very quickly signed it and returned it to me. 

And an occasional reunion can happen, too. 2010 at Hofstra University. His comments, “ This is a delight; I left in 1973. The last two times I sang in public were at memorial services for friends of mine who died.

Elliot Gino Cahn


Nowadays, his firm is Cahn & Saltzman, LLP and under their name it reads, “We Know Music & Entertainment Law.”

They go on to say, “And we’ll have your legal and management needs handled and your backs covered all the time, all the way.

Don’t spend precious time worrying about things–spend it making and creating what you’re good at!

Elliot Cahn speaks to a group about copyright and music:

Elliot Gino Cahn