Zimmerman Becomes Dylan

May 8 Music et al

May 8 Music et al

Fear of Rock

May 8, 1954: BBC radio in the UK banned the Johnny Ray song ‘Such a Night’ after listeners complained about its ‘suggestiveness’. Ray was famous for his emotional stage act, which included beating up his piano and writhing on the floor. (see February 23, 1955 for next Fear of Rock; see Johnnie Ray Such A Night for much more)

May 8 Music et al

Don’t Look Back

May 8, 1965: while filming of what would become the documentary “Don’t Look Back”, May 8 Music et alnext to London’s Savoy Hotel. Featuring nothing but Dylan surrounded by friends Allen Ginsberg and Bob Neuwirth, flipping giant cue cards with the lyrics of the song on them, the clip — one of the first “music videos” — becomes an iconic rock moment. The cards were painted by Alan Price of The Animals and Joan Baez. (see May 11)

May 8 Music et al


May 8 – 10, 1965: the Second International Conference on the Use of LSD in Psychotherapy and Alcoholism was held at the South Oaks Hospital, Amityville, NY,. (see August 7)

May 8 Music et al

Let It Be lp

May 8 Music et al

May 8, 1970: Let It Be lp released (the album had 3,700,000 advance orders) It is the “last” Beatle lp released, but most of it was recorded in January 1969, before the recording and release of the Abbey Road album . For this reason, some critics argue that Abbey Road should be considered the group’s final album and Let It Be the penultimate. (see May 20)

  • Label: Parlophone (UK), United Artists (US)
  • Recorded: February 1968, January–February 1969, January and March–April 1970,
  • EMI and Apple studios and Twickenham Film Studios, London
  • Produced by George Martin (uncredited) and Phil Spector.
Side one       

  1. “Two of Us”
  2. “Dig a Pony”
  3. “Across the Universe”
  4. “I Me Mine” (George Harrison)
  5. “Dig It” (Lennon–McCartney–Harrison–Starkey)
  6. “Let It Be”
  7. “Maggie Mae” (trad. arr. Lennon–McCartney–Harrison–Starkey)
Side two 

  1. “I’ve Got a Feeling”
  2. “One After 909”
  3. “The Long and Winding Road”
  4. “For You Blue” (Harrison)
  5. 5.   “Get Back”
May 8 Music et al

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