June 11 Music et al

June 11 Music et al

Beatles Tommy Moore

June 11, 1960: drummer Tommy Moore quit The Beatles and returned to his job of driving a forklift at Garston bottle works. Norman Chapman briefly replaced Moore, but Chapman was called into National Service after only three gigs. (see Aug 6)

Beatles on “Here We Go”

June 11, 1962: The Beatles recorded a BBC radio program, “Here We Go”, at the Playhouse Theatre in Manchester, in front of a studio audience composed largely of loyal Cavern fans. This was the last recording on which Pete Best played drums. (see June 21)

Paint It Black

June 11 – June 24, 1966: “Paint It Black” by the Rolling Stones #1 on the Billboard Hot 100.

The Road to Bethel

June 11, 1969: in an attempt to counterbalance negative local feelings about festival, Stanley Goldstein, lawyer for Woodstock Ventures, contacted the Times Herald Record and provided information about festival. (see Chronology for expanded story)

June 11 Music et al