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April 17 Peace Love Activism

April 17 Peace Love Activism


Little Palace Cafeteria
April 17, 1943: a sit-in by African-American students at Howard University students challenged racial segregation at the Little Palace Cafeteria, on 14th and U Streets in Washington, D.C. This event and a similar sit-in in Chicago on May 8, 1943, were signs of the rising demands for racial equality in 1943.

                Howard University students staged a second sit-in the following year, on April 22, 1944. The sit-ins were soon quashed by pressure from Southerners in Congress who controlled the budget for the District of Columbia and Howard University. Restaurants in Washington, D.C., remained racially segregated for another decade, until a court ordered them integrated on June 8, 1953, in the case of District of Columbia v. John R. Thompson. (see May 8)

Muhammad Ali

April 17 Peace Love Activism

April 17, 1967: the U.S. Supreme Court barred Muhammad Ali's request to be blocked from induction into the U.S. Army. (see April 28)

Nuclear/Chemical News

Lieutenant Colonel Boris T. Pash

April 17 Peace Love Activism

April 17, 1945:  U.S. Lieutenant Colonel Boris T. Pash commandeered over half a ton of uranium at Strassfut, Germany, in an effort to prevent the Russians from developing an A-bomb. Pash was head of the ALSOS Group, organized to search for German scientists in the postwar environment in order to prevent the Russians, previously Allies but now a potential threat, from capturing any scientists and putting them to work at their own atomic research plants. Uranium piles were also rich "catches," as they were necessary to the development of atomic weapons. (see Apr 24)



April 17 Peace Love Activism

April 17, 1946:  Evacuation Day (Arabic: عيد الجلاء‎‎), also called Independence Day, is Syria's national day commemorating the evacuation of the last French soldier and Syria's proclamation of full independence and the end of the French mandate of Syria  (see August 14, 1947)

April 17 Music et al

Lawrence Welk
April 17 – May 21, 1961: Lawrence Welk’s Calcutta is Billboard’s #1 album.

The Apartment
April 17, 1961: 1960 Oscars held. Bob Hope hosts. The Best Picture Award winner was director/producer/writer Billy Wilder's The Apartment (with a total of ten nominations and five wins - Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Writing: Story and Screenplay, Best B/W Art Direction, and Best Film Editing).

April 17 Peace Love Activism

The Road to Bethel

April 17, 1969
  • Michael Lang and Joel Rosenman co-sign a $10,000 check to construct offices for Woodstock Ventures at 47 W 57th Street in NYC. Bert Cohan in charge. They also put down $4,500 as a deposit on a property in Woodstock for the recording studio (the Tapooz property). (see April 17)
  • a $14,000 check given to Alexander Tapooz for deposit on Woodstock retreat studio. (see April 18)

The Cold War

for more see Bay of Pigs Invasion

April 17 Peace Love Activism

April 17, 1961: a group of Cuban exiles backed by the U.S. government and trained by the CIA lands at the Bay of Pigs in Cuba in an unsuccessful attempt to overthrow the government of Fidel Castro. The failed coup further heightened Cold War tensions and diverts President Kennedy's attention from domestic policy. (see Apr 24)


Daniel Ellsberg/Pentagon Papers
April 17, 1965: the  SDS led an anti-Vietnam war march in Washington. 15,000 attend including Phil Ochs, Joan Baez and Judy Collins. Daniel Ellsberg and Patricia Marx go on their first date...this rally. For the next two years Ellsberg served in Vietnam as a civilian on special assignment for the U.S. Department of State, studying counter-insurgency. (Vietnam, see April 21; DE/PP see 1965 - 1967)



April 17 Peace Love Activism

April 17, 1966: Donald Slater, a spokesman for the Committee to Fight Exclusion of Homosexuals From the Armed Forces, explained the beginning of a 6-day campaign to support that committee’s goal. Slater stated that the campaign represented the first manifestation of a new militancy in “the homosexual movement.” (LGBTQ, see Apr 21; Vietnam, see Apr 29)

Sirhan Sirhan

April 17 Peace Love Activism

April 17, 1969, Sirhan Sirhan was convicted of assassinating Senator Robert F. Kennedy. (see Apr 23)


Boston Marathon

April 17 Peace Love Activism

In 1967 Kathrine Switzer registered as K.V. Switzer for the Boston Marathon. Race Official Jock Semple grabbed her and tried to tear off her number. Other runners helped push Semple away and Switzer finished the race. (Switzer's story)

On April 17, 1972,  for the first time, the Boston Marathon officially permitted  women to compete. (see June 23)

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