My Woodstock Music and Art Fair pix

My Woodstock Music and Art Fair pix

August 15, 16, & 17, 1969

35 mm + a binoculars
After looking at my pictures, perhaps you'd like to listen to a cut from the first albums of the bands who played Woodstock >>> Premier album or read the essay I wrote about my experience >>> 20 Years After 10 Years After

Before driving to the Woodstock Music and Art Fair,  I borrowed my girlfriend's father's 35 mm camera and his binoculars. Friend Tony and I had our tickets and heard the traffic warnings. The plan was that we'd drive up to this place called Bethel late Friday night in plenty of time for Saturday's show, drive home, and bring Joyce back up for Sunday's show.  She would make brownies--old school.

Obviously that didn't happen, but we did get married a bit over two years later and Joyce still makes the best brownies--old school--anywhere.

Here are those pictures. They've held up pretty well because they were slides. Remember them?
(Click on an image and it will open in a separate window. I find it interesting to scroll around each picture looking for a style, a face, or some little thing that stirs one’s imagination)
Woodstock Music and Art Fair
Woodstock Music and Art Fair. Rt 17B going west on Saturday morning. Sleepers, walkers, and sleepwalkers.


Woodstock Music and Art Fair
Woodstock Music and Art Fair, still walking on 17B
1969-08-16 04 Tony Tufano & traffic
Woodstock Music and Art Fair. The guy in the blue shirt carrying a sleeping bag is friend Tony whose car we used to get from NJ to Bethel…well 8 miles from Bethel.


Woodstock Music and Art Fair
Woodstock Music and Art Fair. Some were heading home even on that Saturday morning.
1969-08-16 05 Local dogs & soda
Woodstock Music and Art Fair. These locals sold dogs and soda for $1 each. We skipped the price-gauging and decided to buy on site. That didn’t quite work out.


1969-08-16 06 Umbrella man
Woodstock Music and Art Fair. We sat down in our two-sleeping bag spot on the hill, slightly left of the stage about 2/3 of the way up the hill. This guy was sitting in front of us. I’d never seen such a hat or umbrella. It was a parasol, of course.
Woodstock Music and Art Fair.
Woodstock Music and Art Fair. This is where the Food for Love tents were behind us. Problem: plenty of love but no food.
1969-08-16 08 Famous speaker towers
Woodstock Music and Art Fair. The light and speaker towers (“Please get down from the towers.”) In the background is the yet unfinished medical tent. The sound system, designed specifically for the event by Bill Hanley, was outstanding. Two speaker towers (one on each side of the stage) and each tower had four large speakers. Also note Filipini Pond in the middle background…that’s where I didn’t see all the skinny dipping. The unfinished structure before the pond is the artist tent. It was Saturday, remember, and because of the limited time the organizers had to set up after Wallkill evicted the festival such amenities were far behind schedule.
Woodstock Music and Art Fair.
Woodstock Music and Art Fair. Waiting for Saturday’s music to start.


1969-08-16 10 The music starts
Woodstock Music and Art Fair. Who was there? Kids getting sunburned.
Woodstock Music and Art Fair
Woodstock Music and Art Fair. The opening band for Saturday: unheralded Quill.


1969-08-16 19 Peace pipe
Woodstock Music and Art Fair. This couple was from California. After Country Joe they asked Tony and me, “Ever hear of this next band?” We said “No.”
1969-08-16 13 Applause surround sound
Woodstock Music and Art Fair. After that next band, someone called Santana, finished a song called “Soul Sacrifice” 400,000 people stood up and yelled and applauded and shouted and stamped and called out and cheered. I’ve never experienced any like it.
1969-08-16 12 Applause & hospital tent
Woodstock Music and Art Fair. Same moment (Santana ovation). Note the pink and white striped hospital tent in the distance. Also note the pink and white tent in the background. That’s the hospital tent. What was the biggest medical issue of the weekend? Overdoses? Bad trips? No and no. Cut feet from dropped pop tops. How uninteresting!
1969-08-16 14 Wall to wall sleeping bags
Woodstock Music and Art Fair. I got tired of taking group pictures and saw a peace pillow. On the hillside, most used sleeping bags.
BTW…be sure to visit the Bethel Woods Center for the Arts site to see what’s happening today
My Woodstock Music and Art Fair pix
1969-08-16 15 Climbing the towers
Woodstock Music and Art Fair. “Please get down from the towers.” Note that the artist tent has a bit of canvas on top now.


1969-08-16 16 Balloon and camp in distance
Woodstock Music and Art Fair. Tired of taking pictures of pillows and the crowd, I saw a balloon. Camp site on the far hill.
1969-08-16 18 Blanket tent photoshopped
Woodstock Music and Art Fair. The far hillside field filled with campers. Also note the tent made out of a sheet.
1969-08-16 20 Looking for space
Looking for an open spot after scoring a can of soda–pull-tab top of course.
1969-08-16 21 More applause
Woodstock Music and Art Fair. Note the light wooden fence in the middle of the picture. Made of varied-length boards, the wall surrounded the stage and performer areas. While some attendees may have ignored a few chain link fences, the wooden wall remained intact the entire weekend used mainly as a good spot to dry clothes and sleeping bags.
1969-08-16 22 Gray evening
A gray hungry evening.



Night stage. Note the spotlights in upper left and the lighted wooden walkway (lower left) to back of stage. The best guess of several people who’ve tried to figure out who this is a picture of is that it’s Mountain.


1969-08-17 01 Sunday sunrise
The Who have finished, but Jefferson Airplane are yet to come on. Grace Slick walks on and says, “All right friends, you have seen the heavy groups, now you will see morning maniac music. Believe me, yeah.”
Woodstock Music and Art Fair. The early risers stretch for the Airplane.
1969-08-17 02 After a long night
Good morning sunshine. I’ve forgotten the reasons I took many of these pictures, but this one I do know why. Can you find the bubble? Bubbles are cool. Who’s blowing bubbles at 6 in the morning?



1969-08-17 04 Large white afro
The largest afro I’d ever seen and bleached at that. Plus the guy next to her was the smartest person that weekend. He pulled out his car’s seat and put it on the field. Was he the only spectator that weekend with a seat?
1969-08-16 17 Vegetarian and Joe Cocker
And my time is coming to an end. I saw a guy all weekend carrying around a banner that read, “Love your animal friends, don’t eat them.” In 1969, a vegetarian was someone you took a picture of, even if Joe Cocker was singing.







1969-08-17 05 Joe Cocker
Joe Cocker through my binoculars. After his performance, the summer storm thundered and no chant could stop it. Tired. Hungry. Wet. Wondering if our car was still there? Having to be at work the next morning. We hitched back down 17B. Our car was there (thank you), it started (thank you), and I’ve reached the end of my photographic tale. Thank you.
Woodstock Music and Art Fair
My two tickets purchased at Village Oldies in NYC where I was working for the summer at One New York Plaza with the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers as an apprentice before returning to my sophomore year of college. Visit the Bethel Woods site to see what’s happening today:






12 thoughts on “My Woodstock Music and Art Fair pix”

  1. Amazing photos, thank you so much for giving me the link to be able to find them. My favourite has got to be the one I already mentioned to you with the vegetarian sign and Joe Cocker clearly visible on stage in the background. But all of them are fantastic, thanks again! Peace and love / Linnea

  2. On the Wednesday before the festival my dad myself & my uncle drove up to my dads property drove up to spread some apples on my dads land to feed the deer & get them used to coming there for hunting season.My dad & uncle were in there early 30’s We started trying to come down state back to Long Island that Friday Ba ha ha .No matter what route my dad tried it was backed up .So we in my dads 68 Chevy Pickup with a camper on it had no choice but to stay put ware we were. Well after a few hrs my dad & uncle decided to walk about & check out the scene. I was told don’t eat anything or drink anything if offered . Well being left on my own & being the shy kind of quite kid I was (ya right) I mosied about & met some really interesting people. Well add to it the topless girls I was in haven. Well after a day & night stay there I got the idea of selling those apples we had left for the princely sum of $1.00 a piece . Well my dad & uncle came back to the truck & my dad said hey what are you doing . Thinking my dad would be proud of me for being an enterprising Jr mogel Ha quite the opposite . My dad said here’s the thing While I’m proud of you for trying to make $ you never want to take advantage of anyone cause you wouldn’t want anyone to take advantage of you .
    Who would of thought that my dad in his early 30’s would be teaching me life lessons & KARMA . Its part of the reason I remember the experience like it was yesterday. Oh & the topless girls might have something to do with it . Fat forward to Woodstock 99 My dad had retired by the & was living in Ellenville A bit south of ware 99 was He went & got me a T shirt that I still have . Dad passed August 9th of that summer/year I miss him greatly And the Woodstock trip is just 1 of so many memories I have of him
    For all of you who were there ENJOY your memories

    My boyfriend and I were living in SFO. We had day jobs. EVERYONE was talking about “are you going to Woodstock?”
    Seeing your pics and this whole webpage – – takes my breath away

  4. I’d never seen one of those blow-up tents before or since … [in your early risers stretch pic]. The National Guard were distributing them … part of being declared a “disaster area”. Just three sheets of vinyl with three vinyl inflatable ribs to blow up. Two of the ribs (as shown in the pic) with the bottom sheet make a triangle opening and a long rib meets those at the top and runs the length of your body to your feet.

    The vinyl doesn’t breath, of course, so eventually the moisture from your breath builds up inside and rains down on you … but it did hold off the big water from those storms.

    1. Wow! Thank you for that information. I’ve often pointed out that “tent” in the picture, but was never sure whether it was an actual tent or, as someone suggested, a blow up float that was bent into a triangle.

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