Future Woodstock performer

Future Woodstock performer

Future Woodstock performer. The following is a list of all the Woodstock Music and Art Fair’s performers in the order that they released their first albums. Oh so young!

future Woodstock performer
Woodstock Music and Art Fair, Saturday 15 August 1969 (photo by Jim Shelley)
November 1960, future Woodstock performerJoan Baez (age 19) released her first album, Joan Baez

in 1962 future Woodstock performer Ravi Shankar released his 4th album, Improvisations. He released his first  at age 17 in 1937.


August 1965,The Lovin’ Spoonful (future Woodstock performer John Sebastian age 19) released their first single, “Do You Believe in Magic”



October, 1965, future Woodstock performer The Paul Butterfield Blues Band album released. (Paul Butterfield age 23).


December 3, 1965,  future Woodstock performer The Who [Pete Townsend, 20; Keith Moon, 19; Roger Daltrey, 21; and John Entwistle, 21] released My Generation album.


June, 1966, future Woodstock performer Incredible String Band (Robin Williamson, age 22 , and Mike Heron, age 22 ) released first album, The Incredible String Band.

July, 1966, future Woodstock performer Tim Hardin (age 25) released first album, Tim Hardin 1. 

August 15, 1966 future Woodstock performer Jefferson Airplane released their debut album, Jefferson Airplane Takes Off. The personnel differs from the later "classic" lineup and the music is more folk-rock than the harder psychedelic sound for which the band later became famous. Signe Toly Anderson was the female vocalist and Skip Spence played drums. Both left the group shortly after the album's release and were replaced by Grace Slick and Spencer Dryden, respectively.( Jorma Kaukonen (age 25), Paul Kantner (age 25), Jack Casady (age 22), Marty Balin (age 24), Grace Slick (age 26), Spencer Dryden (age 28).

in 1967, future Woodstock performer Quill will form in Boston and perform mainly throughout the mid-east.

March 17, 1967 future Woodstock performer Grateful Dead released their first album,  The Grateful Dead.

April 1967 future Woodstock performer  Country Joe (age 25 ) and the Fish released first album, Electric Music for the Mind and Body.


 May 12, 1967 future Woodstock performer Jimi Hendrix Experience album, Are You Experienced, released in the UK. Jimi Hendrix age 24.


July, 1967 future Woodstock performer  Canned Heat released first album, Canned Heat. (Bob “The Bear” Hite, age 24; Alan Wilson, age 24)


August 1967 future Woodstock performer Big Brother and the Holding Company released first album.  Janis Joplin age 23.

August 16, 1967 future Woodstock performer Richie Havens (age 26) released third, but first best known album, Mixed Bag.


September 1967 future Woodstock performer  Arlo Guthrie (age 20) released first album, Alice’s Restaurant.


October 1967 future Woodstock performer Sly and the Family Stone released first album, “A Whole New Thing.” (Sly Stone, 24)



October 27, 1967 future Woodstock performerTen Years After released its first album, Ten Years After. Alvin Lee, age 22.

in 1968 future Woodstock performer Johnny Winter (age 22) released first album, The Progressive Blues Experiment. 

February 21, 1968 future Woodstock performer Blood, Sweat, & Tears released its first album, Child is Father to the Man.

July 1, 1968  future Woodstock performer The Band released its first album, Music From Big Pink. Rick Danko, age 26; Robbie Robertson, age 25; Levon Helm, age 28; Richard Manuel, age 25; Garth Hudson, age 31

July 5, 1968  future Woodstock performer Creedence Clearwater Revival released first album, Creedence Clearwater Revival. John Fogarty, age 23


November 1968  future Woodstock performer Melanie (age 21) released her first album, Born to Be.

in 1968  future Woodstock performer Sweetwater released its first album entitled Sweetwater.

in 1968  future Woodstock performer  Bert Sommer (age 18) released his first album, The Road to Travel. It was produced by Artie Kornfeld.  Sommer was a schoolmate of Leslie West.

in 1969  future Woodstock performer Keef Hartley Band (Keef Hartley age 25 whose career began as the replacement for Ringo Starr as drummer for Rory Storm and the Hurricane) released first album, Halfbreed.

in 1969   Mountain forms. Leslie West age 24. They will not release their first album until 1970

in 1969  Sha Na Na will release its first album, Rock and Roll is Here to Stay.

April 23, 1969  Joe Cocker (age 24) released first album, With a Little Help from My Friends.


May 29, 1969  Crosby, Stills, & Nash released first album.  (David Crosby age 28; Stephen Stills age 24; Graham Nash, age 27)

August, 1969 future Santana (Carlos Santana,  22) released its first album, Santana.

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