July 7 Peace Love Activism

July 7 Peace Love Activism

Technological Milestone

July 7 Peace Love Activism

July 7, 1928: pre-sliced bread first appeared on store shelves, courtesy of Otto Rohwedder's machine that made uniform slices. (see Nov 18)

July 7 Music et al

The Stripper
July 7 – 13, 1962: “The Stripper” by David Rose & His Orchestra #1 Billboard Hot 100.
The [bumpy] Road to Bethel
July 7, 1969:  in Albany, NY, Wes Pomeroy and Don Ganoung met with Harrison F Dunbrook, the director of traffic operations for the NY State Dept of Transportation. Pomeroy and Ganoung hoped to get permission for highway alterations during the festival weekend. Their request was denied. Signage for the festival along Rt 17 would be permitted provided Woodstock Ventures went through the normal approval process. Permission to use a nearby completed but unused section of Interstate 84 was denied. (see July 8)


July 7 Peace Love Activism

July 7, 1963: Allison Turaj, 25, of Washington, D.C. was cut over her right eye by a thrown rock in a mass demonstration at a privately owned, segregated amusement park in suburban Woodlawn in Baltimore. (see July 8)
July 7 Peace Love Activism


West Point
July 7, 1976: the 1st female cadets enrolled at West Point. (see Feminism  July 12, 1976)
Supreme Court

July 7 Peace Love Activism

July 7, 1981: President Reagan nominated the first woman, Sandra Day O'Connor, to the Supreme Court. (NYT article) (see Sept 25)


July 7 Peace Love Activism


July 7, 1978: Solomon Islands independent of the United Kingdom. (see Nov 3)

Student Rights

July 7, 1986: Bethel School District #43 v. Fraser, Students do not have a First Amendment right to make obscene speeches in school. School officials suspended Matthew N. Fraser, a student at Bethel High School (Pierce County, Washington) for three days for delivering an obscene and provocative speech nominating a fellow classmate for Student Body Vice President. The Supreme Court held that his free speech rights were not violated. (FS, see June 24, 1987; SR, see January 13, 1988)

Native Americans

July 7 Peace Love Activism

July 7, 1999: President Bill Clinton visited the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota for a "nation to nation" business meeting and tours the reservation's housing facilities. The president signed a pact with Oglala leaders establishing an empowerment zone and participated in a conference on home ownership and economic development for Native Americans. (see Native Americans, Oct 1999)


July 7 > 12, 2002: The 14th International AIDS Conference was held in Barcelona, Spain. Dozens of countries reported that they were experiencing serious HIV/AIDS epidemics and many more were on the brink. (see January 28, 2003)

Sexual Abuse of Children

July 7, 2004: in an unprecedented move, the Portland Archdiocese filed for bankruptcy because of the huge costs from clergy sex abuse lawsuits. The action halts a trial of a lawsuit seeking some $155m against the late Rev Maurice Grammond, who was accused of molesting more than 50 boys in the 1980s. (see Sept 27)



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