Toronto Pop Festival 69

Toronto Pop Festival 69

Toronto Pop Festival 69

June 21 & 22, 1969

Varsity Stadium

 1969 Festival #7
Velvet Underground "Heroin"

Toronto Pop Festival 69

          To say another "lost" festival of the summer of 1969 gets old, but, yes, the Toronto Pop Festival (as opposed to the Toronto Rock and Roll Festival later the same year) is another of the 1969 festivals few have heard of.

          The line-up was a good one. How Johnny Winter had the energy to play in Toronto on Friday and then in California on Sunday, I don't know. I have underlined those who would appear at Woodstock:
Saturday 21 June

  1. Eric Anderson
  2. Carla Thomas & the Barkays
  3. Man
  4. Al Kooper
  5. The Band
  6. Bonzo Dog Band
  7. Rotary Connection
  8. Johnny Winter
  9. Velvet Underground
  10. Sly & the Family Stone
Sunday 22 June

  1. Mother Lode
  2. Procol Harum
  3. Edwin Starr
  4. Chuck Berry
  5. Slim Harpo
  6. Tiny Tim
  7. Dr John the Night Tripper
  8. Blood, Sweat, & Tears
  9. Nucleus
  10. Robert Charlebois
  11. Steppenwolf

Toronto Pop Festival 69

         A legitimate criticism of Woodstock's lineup was a lack of black performers. Yes, there was Richie Havens, Sly and the Family Stone, and Jimi Hendrix, but those three were already an accepted part of many white listeners collection. For Toronto, Carla Thomas, Edwin Starr, Slim Harpo, and Chuck Berry added styles that Woodstock lacked.

          Tickets were $6 a day or $10 for both days. 

          Woodstock had Abbie Hoffman infamously inserting himself in the middle of The Who's performance. In Toronto a young girl joined Ronnie Hawkins during his performance of "Bo Diddly." While Pete Townshend threatened Hoffman, the more genial Hawkins welcomed the yellow-bikinied Jeanne Beker. Her presence was caught on camera by a photographer for The Telegram. Hawkins is in the purple suit.
Toronto Pop Festival 69
Beker on stage with Hawkins
          Jeanne Beker is now a well-known Canadian television personality, fashion designer, author and newspaper columnist.

          The audience recording of the Velvet Underground is the only recording of the festival I could find.
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