October 14

October 14

October 14

October 14, 1919, BLACK HISTORY and Marcus Garvey:  a man named George Tyler visited Garvey at his office in Harlem. Tyler pulled out a gun and shot Garvey in the right leg and head. Garvey sustained injuries but survived the attack. Tyler was arrested but is reported to have committed suicide the day after his arrest.
kennedy_miunion_0October 14, 1960: Democratic presidential candidate John F. Kennedy suggested formation of a Peace Corps during a talk at the University of Michigan.

October 14October 14, 1962, The Cold War & Cuban Missile Crisis: a US Air Force U-2 plane on a photo-reconnaissance mission captured proof of Soviet missile bases under construction in Cuba.
October 14, 1964, BLACK HISTORY & MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR: Martin Luther King, Jr., awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. At 35 years of age, King was the youngest person ever to receive the award. (click → NYT article)

October 14October 14, 1964, The Cold War: Nikita Khrushchev was ousted as both premier of the Soviet Union and chief of the Communist Party after 10 years in power. He was succeeded as head of the Communist Party by his former protégé Leonid Brezhnev, who would eventually become the chief of state as well. (click → NY article)

October 14October 14 – 27, 1967: Bobbie Gentry’s Ode to Billie Joe the Billboard #1 album.

October 14, 1968, Vietnam: U.S. Defense Department officials announced that the Army and Marines would be sending about 24,000 men back to Vietnam for involuntary second tours because of the length of the war, high turnover of personnel resulting from the one year of duty, and the tight supply of experienced soldiers. This decision had an extremely negative impact on troop morale and the combat readiness of U.S. forces elsewhere in the world as troops were transferred to meet the increased personnel requirements in Vietnam.
October 14, 1977, LGBT  gay rights activists pie Anita Bryant during a press conference in Des Moines, Iowa.

October 14October 14, 1979: an estimated 75,000 people participate in the National March on Washington for Lesbian and Gay Rights. LGBT and straights demand equal civil rights and urge for the passage of protective civil rights legislature. (click → NYT article)
October 14, 2014: the Supreme Court blocked a federal appeals court ruling that had forced many abortion clinics in Texas to close. The Supreme Court’s order, which was five sentences long, allowed the clinics to remain open while appeals proceeded. (click → NYT article)

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