RIP Dennis Greene

RIP Dennis Greene
Dennis Greene, top row, fourth from left, with Sha Na Na. He left to get a master’s degree at Harvard and a law degree at Yale. Credit via Photofest

RIP Dennis Greene

Hands down, the most unusual act at Woodstock  was Sha Na Na,  but their presence that Monday morning preceding Jimi Hendrix’s iconic performance proved that the festival was seriously fun.

Dennis Greene, one of the founders of Sha Na Na, died on Saturday. Bachelor’s from Columbia University. Master’s from Harvard University. Law degree from Yale.

Greene went on to become a vice president of Columbia Pictures and then a law professor, most recently at the University of Dayton.

Thank you Dennis!

Full NYT Obit

RIP Dennis Greene

Happy Birthday to you…

john_julian_cynthiaSeptember 10. 1939, Cynthia Lennon first wife of John Lennon, the couple divorced on 8th November 1968. She died at her home in Spain on 1st April 2015 following a short battle with cancer.


September 10, 1945,  Jose Feliciano, singer, songwriter, guitarist.

August 15, 2013: Jose Feliciano performing at Richie Havens Memorial Service (Bethel Woods Center for the Arts)

otis redding…and someone I should have added yesterday. September 9, 1941, the great Otis  Redding.

Thursday 10 September

Emma GoldmanSeptember 10, 1901, Anarchism in the US and Emma Goldman: a warrant is issued for Emma Goldman’s arrest in connection with the assassination of President McKinley. Goldman gave herself up and was interrogated. Though initially denied, bail was set at $20,000. She was never officially charged with a crime.

More on Emma Goldman

September 10, 1915, Birth Control: William Sanger convicted for distributing birth control literature. Turbulent scenes followed the conviction yesterday in Special Sessions of William Sanger, artist and architect, of having violated the Criminal Code in giving away a single copy of “Family Limitation,” a pamphlet on birth control written by Margaret Sanger, his wifeNY Times article . He spent 30 days in jail.

African_National_Congress_Youth_League_logoSeptember 10, 1944, SOUTH AFRICA/APARTHEID & Nelson Mandela: Mandela and other activists form the African National Congress Youth League after becoming disenchanted with the cautious approach of the older members of the A.N.C. The league’s formation marked the shift of the congress to a mass movement. But its manifesto, so charged with pan-African nationalism, offended some non-black sympathizers.

September 10, 1945, Religion and Public Education: in July, Vashti McCollum brought legal action against the Champaign, Illinois public school district. McCollum’s suit stated that her eight-year-old son had been coerced and ostracized by school officials because his family had chosen to not participate in the district’s in-school religious instruction program. McCollum’s suit argued that religious instruction held during regular school hours on public school property constituted an establishment of religion in violation of the U.S. Constitution, and violated the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment.

On this date the opening argument by the school districts’s attorney, Landon Chapman, suggested the program was sectarian and social pressure from students and teachers was used to get all students to participate. Defense attorney John Franklin indicated similar programs existed in 46 states and 80 Illinois communities.

The Baptist Joint Committee submitted an amicus brief in support of McCollum, saying, “We must not allow our religious fervor to blind us to the essential fact that no religious faith is secure when it meshes its authority with that of the state.” More on story

September 10, 1963, BLACK HISTORY & School Desegregation: twenty black students entered public schools in Birmingham, Tuskegee, and Mobile, Ala., following a standoff between federal authorities and Gov. George C. Wallace. NYT article

September 10, 1966, the Supremes’ ”You Can’t Hurry Love” is Billboard #1 single.

revolverSeptember 10 – October 21, 1966, The Beatles after live performances:  Revolver became Billboard’s #1 album. Released in the US on August 8, Richie Unterberger of Allmusic wrote: In many respects, Revolver is one of the very first psychedelic LPs – not only in its numerous shifts in mood and production texture, but in its innovative manipulation of amplification and electronics to produce new sounds on guitars and other instruments. Specific, widely-heralded examples include the backwards riffs of “I’m Only Sleeping”, the sound effects of “Yellow Submarine”, the sitar of “Love You To”, the blurry guitars of “She Said, She Said”, and above all the seagull chanting, buzzing drones, megaphone vocals, free-association philosophizing, and varispeed tape effects of “Tomorrow Never Knows

From Rolling Stone magazine: Revolver signaled that in popular music, anything – any theme, any musical idea – could now be realized. And, in the case of the Beatles, would be.

Side one

  1. “Taxman” (George Harrison)
  2. “Eleanor Rigby”
  3. “Love You To” (Harrison)
  4. “Here, There and Everywhere”
  5. “Yellow Submarine”
  6. “She Said She Said”

Side two

  1. “Good Day Sunshine”
  2. “For No One”
  3. “I Want to Tell You” (Harrison)
  4. “Got to Get You into My Life”
  5. “Tomorrow Never Knows”

September 10, 1967, Vietnam & Cultural Milestone:  the second season of The Smothers Brothers Comedy Show begins with Pete Seeger appearing for the first time in 17 years since his 1950s blacklisting. He sang Waist Deep in the Big Muddy, but CBS dropped the performance when Seeger refused to edit the obviously anti-Viet Nam sentiments the old song presented.

September 9, 2015: a group of refugees, mostly from Syria, marched on the highway in Denmark toward Sweden on Wednesday after being detained for days at a Danish school in Padborg. Credit Mauricio Lima for The New York Times

September 10, 1989, Dissolution of the USSR:  thousands of East Germans cross the Austria-Hungary frontier after Budapest waives border restrictions amid the largest legal exodus from eastern Europe since 1945.  Video on East German exodus