Never heard of them II

1969-08-16 11 Quill

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The opening band at the Woodstock Music and Art Fair on Saturday 16 August was Quill. Most people hadn’t heard of them then and most people haven’t heard of them since, despite their appearance at one of the most famous concerts in history.

Woodstock Ventures had hired Quill not just to play at the festival itself, but to play for free in the Bethel area before the festival. According to a Wikipedia entry: The basic line up included Roger North on drums, Norm Rogers on guitar and Phil Thayer on keyboard, sax and flute, with  brothers Jon Cole  on bass and Dan Cole doing the bulk of the lead vocals. Out of this combination, and with the Cole brothers’ focus on original songwriting came ‘Quill’, which was then signed as a group to Amphion Management. The band spent 1967, 1968 and 1969 regularly playing rock venues in Boston, Providence, and New York, as well as many other smaller markets around the Northeast. 

Here’s a Youtube link to their performance at Woodstock. There is a long intro with many different stage announcements.  Stage Announcements: 0:01 > They Live The Life: 7:11 > That’s How I Eat: 16:06 >  Waiting For You: 22:03 > Jam: 23:07


Never heard of them

1969-08-16 13 Applause surround sound1969-08-16 19 Peace pipe



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The people in front of me turned around and offered me a toke. Then they asked if I’d ever heard of the next band that’d just been announced. Nope. Never heard of them.

Well, they were pretty good and after “Soul Sacrifice” 400,000+ people knew who Santana was. I stood up and took a picture of the ovation. It was a physical event being in the middle of all that stomping, cheering, yelling, applauding, and general ecstasy. Thank you Carlos.